Bloggers Choice: Reus Game Review

Interview with The Developer

Did the team have prior experience in creating a game like Reus or was the game a whole new adventure for you guys?

It was a totally new adventure for us all. We knew from the start that Reus would be ambitious, and lots of nice folks advised against it. In the end Reus was even bigger than we’d expected it to be, and we were certainly not ready to do it. Fortunately, due to lots of support by colleagues, friends and the Dutch Game Garden, we learned a lot of important things very fast, allowing us to finally successfully complete Reus.

How was the experience of creating a complex god game like Reus

Everybody did things they have never done before. It is empowering to work in that way. There were certainly moments that development was really demotivating, but you just have to work through them, and communicate any problems you have. All in all, we wouldn’t have done it any other way, taking into account the knowledge we had at the time.

Any advice for aspiring indie developers who also want to create games of the same genre?

Specifically for god games: try to really pinpoint the experience you’re going for. Lots of god games are just RTS games with really powerful spells and sometimes units. As we noticed during the marketing campaign, god games can be many different things and as such each person expects a different game. We made some mistakes here, but it is very important that everybody knows which type of game they can expect, so  that you reach your audience early and don’t disappoint people who expect differently. In fact, this is important for whichever game you’re creating.

What do you guys like to do on your spare time when not in beast mode, developing games?

What do you mean, spare time? No  Really we have worked double full-time in the last few weeks. But in the earlier stages we did many different things. Some of us are still studying, so that takes up some time. Most people play free online games at home, and just hang out with friends that don’t talk about Reus all the time. Our Abbey is in the middle of Utrecht, a very nice city that has lots of nice places to chill out for a little while. Oh, and one very important thing is foosball. We play foosball every break of every day, and were getting really good at it.