Cart Life Game Review Part 2

Interview with The Developer

  • What was your inspiration for cart life?

Applying videogame systems, which are normally very exciting and whimsical, to mundane aspects of everyday life seemed ironic and fresh. Also, I wanted to exaggerate the aspects of my own struggles in the form of a game, like a self-portrait. I want to explore every city, eat at the food carts, make friends and read books, but there is only so much time and rents due again, pretty soon.

  • Did you planned cart life to have a retro 2D pixel theme or did you originally planned it in another way?

Yeah, I followed my own set of visual rules. Square edges on rectangles, big, sharp and grey. Originally, the speaking portrait animations were more like pen and paper illustrations, but that switched over to complete pixelry right away. It has to look like a videogame to operate as intended it is a game about games.

  • At first glance, the game seemed pretty simple, but as you play delve into the game, it is actually very detailed especially the characters. Was the process of creating a detailed game like this challenging? if so what were the roadblocks you had to face

Well, it was much more time-consuming than I originally estimated, but it was fun as hell to just jump into making games and that is a great way to learn. I have spent a year or two watching people play Cart Life, and it is the hidden details and the more subtle things which turn out to be most rewarding for players, I think. So, it is good to tuck things away for people to find, later; the little notes and things that most players just do not see are especially nice for the players that do find them.