Cart Life Game Review

Interview with The Developer

  • Was this your first game you developed? what/who were your inspiration?

Well, I have made a few other games, but nothing on the same scale as this one. A few summers ago, my friends and I built a game about waffles in a somewhat waffle-like arcade cabinet and traded it to a waffle restaurant in exchange for free waffles for life. There is a turn-based robot thing wherein all information is displayed in Korean Hangul. An stealth game about secretly filming a governor with a cellphone camera. You can make games about anything.

  • Did you have prior experience or worked for another game company before you became an indie developer?

Nothing in videogames, but I have had a ton of jobs. Dishwasher, drywaller, director of local live television newscasts, you name it. I used to DJ parties through an events planner, so one night I’d be eating cake and ice cream at a Bat Mitzvah and the next night I’d play disco at an insurance conference afterparty. Anything to pay the bills.

  • Was this a one man project? if yes, how was the experience of being a one man beast mode?

Tough question. Sure, I like to claim credit for this game, but I did not build AGS, which is the toolset that runs Cart Life. I did not do much of the music thankfully these amazingly talented chiptune artists said Yes when I asked permission to use their compositions. I had a lot of help from friends who tested the game and gave me suggestions during development especially my girlfriend, Jenny. Otherwise, it is nice to work alone, sometimes especially while nudging pixels around or trying to clamp down a piece of code.

  • Any advice for budding developers out there?

Yeah: Escaping distractions like this one might be the first important step in building your next game.